How to Change the TruBridge Nosepads on your Oakley Frames –

How to Change the TruBridge Nosepads on your Oakley Frames –

Oakley has recently released their Crosslink Glasses frame with their TruBridge or Modular Nose Pad (MNP) Technology.

Oakley TruBridge or Modular Nose Pad technology enables glasses wearers to customise the nose pads on their frame to better fit their nose shape.

With four different nose pads shapes that all come with your frames, there are few people that cannot wear frames fitted with this technology.

This video is a quick tutorial on how to customise the shape of your Oakley TruBridge Glasses.

The Glasses in the video are the Oakley Crosslink TruBridge, also known as the Oakley Crosslink MNP, and are available in 8 colour options from only £89.74 here:

You can browse the other stylish Crosslink frames and their accessories here:

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