How To: DIY Wedding Bouquets

How To: DIY Wedding Bouquets

Want to save money on your wedding flowers? Follow our simple tutorial showing you how to make a wedding bouquet!

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Step by Step guide:
1. You will need:
– Flowers of your choice
– Greenery of your choice
– Secateurs
– String
– Ribbon
– Pins

2. Take your flowers:
– Cut to the correct length (approximately 12” — but cut longer than you need rather than shorter!)
– Strip down the leaves (inc the thorns if you are using roses)
– Pull off any greenery or tatty petals around the head of the flower too

3. Take a flower:
– Add one at a time to the collection in your hand. Build them in a circular fashion making ‘a twist’ of flowers and filling in all of the gaps as you go along.
– Hold them VERY tight
– Keep the flowers flat to the top as you go
– If you want greenery add piece by piece between each rose.
– Take grass, loop and add around the edges. (You can tie it now OR continue to add more greenery – as you wish).

4. Get a friend to help!
– Tie above your hand with string. Wrap around twice (or three times) VERY tightly.
– Then tie around the bottom of the stems

5. Get Ribbon (approximately ½ meter)
– Start below the knotted string, about half way down and work your way up. Make it look tidy.
– Wrap tightly the entire stem — you can make it whatever length you like.
– Fold the end of the ribbon over and pin it in place. Push one pin into the top and one into the bottom.

6. Trim the rough ends of the flower stems, making a flat bottom.

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