This video discusses how to hit the golf ball further with the Professional Squat move. In detail this video goes through how to hit the golf ball further allowing you to make huge swing changes to your game so you can also start swinging the golf club like a Professional. You have a choice to either buy new golf clubs and go through the reviews on which golf club goes the furthest or you can just learn how to hit your irons and driver further.

So I start in this video briefly outlining the grip and posture although these DON’T need to be perfect.

Then I express the importance that in the back swing you need to make sure your weight is transferred into your right heel as this is a great symbol that you have sequenced a perfect back swing in your golf swing and ready to start the downswing.

In the transition of the golf swing you need to weight transfer early at some point between the top of the back swing and the start of the downswing. This allows you to create more momentum therefore encouraging a better weight shift and potentially create more club head speed.

If you can execute the perfect start to the downswing and you now have weight in the left side as your coming into the downswing, now you can start rotation.

To correctly rotate the hips in the golf swing you need to feel as though your keeping the belt buckle downward facing for as long as possible this move will then create flexion on the left knee and create a separation between the left knee and the right knee. If this move happens you will now know your moving your hips correctly in the golf swing.

As you start to get to impact the weight should now feel in the left heel and right toe which is why its ok for the right heel to lift in the downswing. This encourages a greater hip rotation and range of motion coming into the downswing and impact therefore helping you compress the golf ball and hit the golf ball then the turf.

Then you can focus on the upper body rotation in the golf swing. The idea is that the right elbow should drive in front of the right hip in the start of the downswing, this will create a lag movement in the golf swing but also help shallow the shaft of the golf club meaning the club shaft will be on the correct swing plane and the club head can swing on the correct path at impact helping you hit straighter golf shots.

Also the correct upper body movement will help create more speed and power in your golf game but also allow this dropping movement due to the side bend which will occur due to the movement of the right elbow hence the drop in height in the golf swing.

So if your keen to get your handicap down and start to hit the golf ball better, enjoy playing better golf and start to see an improvement in the golf competitions and tournaments your entering the start experimenting with this movement.

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