How to Increase Bat Speed in Baseball: Baseball Swing Mechanics How to Load

How to Increase Bat Speed in Baseball: Baseball Swing Mechanics How to Load

If you want to know how to increase bat speed, and you want baseball hitting drills for power, you first must start with a good baseball load. If you want to know how to hit a baseball correctly, or how to hit a baseball farther, you must have a load back and then explode forward.

Many coaches say “don’t do this, don’t do that”, and they end up creating hitters who don’t know how to hit a baseball correctly. The hitters end up without baseball hitting power because they are too stiff and mechanical.

If you want baseball hitting drills, or baseball hitting techniques, then you need to have a proper load. Most youth hitters do not have a good load, and I talk more about this in the baseball hitting instruction video above.

Baseball batting mechanics, and baseball batting techniques can be really confusing to many. The load is one of the most confusing aspects of the baseball swing. It’s very important has a youth baseball hitter to get good rhythm back with the upper and lower body, and then good rhythm forward into the baseball swing path.

If you want hands inside the ball baseball drills, or hands inside the ball hitting drills, you must first have a correct load. Once you understand the load, you will be able to get your hands inside the ball and hit the baseball farther and harder.

Baseball batting drills and baseball batting tips are important, but a good load is critical to having a great swing. Use my batting tips and tricks in the video to establish a good load, and to learn how to become a great hitter.

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