How To Install A High-Power Inverter

How To Install A High-Power Inverter

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Running a small inverter to charge a phone or laptop from your car is as simple as plugging into an accessory socket and flicking the switch for 240 volt power. But if you want some real grunt to run a coffee machine, television or even large power tools; you’ll need to get hands on with some wiring. Watch this simple guide to create your own safe and reliable inverter setup.

This Projecta Pro Wave inverter can deliver a constant eighteen hundred watts with a peak of thirty six hundred watts – so choosing a mounting location with plenty of ventilation is essential to ensure a long service life. Try to keep it close to the supply battery if possible, a shorter cable run means less voltage drop.

With the inverter securely mounted, it’s time to think about wiring. Many more powerful inverters come with a wiring kit. If this is not long enough, you will need to calculate the correct gauge wiring needed for the longer run – easily done using a calculator found online.

Connect the positive and negative cables to their respective terminals on your inverter. Some models may have a third terminal as a 240 volt ground. Connecting this on the Projecta charger is optional, as the unit takes its earth through the negative battery terminal.

Ideally your negative cable should run straight to the negative terminal on your battery, and the positive cable must have a fuse or circuit breaker fitted as close to the battery as possible. The instructions for your inverter will state the amperage required, in this case it’s a 250 amp circuit breaker that cuts the power should anything go wrong.

Finally, with all the connections made; tie up the supply cables tightly with cable ties, and wrap them with corrugated tubing where extra protection is needed.

With a high power inverter installed in your vehicle or caravan, you’ll be the envy of the campground as you power those luxuries you just can’t live without.

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