How To Launch An Automatic Transmission Car – Torque Multiplication

How To Launch An Automatic Transmission Car – Torque Multiplication

How do you launch an automatic vehicle? How does torque multiplication work?
How To Launch A Manual –
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How do I launch an automatic transmission? The process of launching a manual transmission is straight forward, but there are a few variables you need to adjust for optimizing your speed.
1. Press brake firmly with your left foot.
2. Apply throttle, holding the RPM at a desired speed.
3. Release the brake pedal.
4. Modulate the throttle as necessary to control wheel spin.

One of the impressive facts about automatic transmissions is that they are able to multiply torque through the torque converter, meaning you can use a lower RPM than a manual transmission vehicle and achieve the same initial acceleration. This is a result of a torque converter’s stator, which redirects the transmission fluid flow leaving the turbine and entering the impeller, which sacrifices efficiency and speed for greater torque.

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