How To Practice At The Driving Range To Really Improve Your Golf Swing and Scores

How To Practice At The Driving Range To Really Improve Your Golf Swing and Scores

Golf tips from The Art of Simple Golf. How to get the most out if your practice golf drills and golf swing. Learn more golf tips at teaching you to make the most of your practice golf drills to maximize effectiveness and time. Doing golf swing drills in block practice does not always give the results we desire because it’s not real golf.

How To Practice At The Driving RangeTo Really Improve Your Golf Swing and Scores

A better way to golf is to use your practice time in this fashion. Step 1) Use a drill that you are working on for one shot. (in this example Alex Fortey uses a shallow out pump drill) Step 2) Choose a different club ideally to what you are performing the drill with. Step 3) Pick a new target and shot shape objective. Step 4) With a little muscle memory from the one shot using the drill, execute this golf shot as normal, but don’t focus on the technique, focus more on the shot and target you are trying to hit. By doing this you should see a quick improvement in consistency and scores at the same time. You may just be very surprised at how well you do. Enjoy this golf tip and enjoy our website and many resources we have to improve every area of your golf game.


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