How to stay down during your golf swing.

How to stay down during your golf swing.

One of THE most common swing faults is ‘Standing Up’ through the shot – not only on the Back swing but especially on the Downswing. This is a Big TABOO!

A look at all good players show them compressing their bodies and putting FORCE into the ground. This generates Power and Consistency throughout the golf swing motion. There are two easy ways to monitor whether or not you’re Standing Up or doing proper Forward Bending.

Place an alignment shaft or some other object right behind you so that you’re Left Glute is pressed against it. If you move away from the shaft – or towards the ball – you’re Standing Up (or as the Bio mechanistic say, Hyper Extending). If this is happening, you’re immediately throwing power away and will almost assuredly un- cock your wrists prematurely.

Another way to check to see if you’re Standing Up is to draw a horizontal line on the top of your head. If you’re raising up through the line, you know you’re Hyper Extending. A look at nearly all tour players show them actually going down and into the shot.

What we want is for your Right Glute to press against the Shaft on the Back swing, and the Left Glute to return and press firmly into the shaft. (On that note, if you recall in Ben Hogan’s Book, ‘FIVE LESSONS’, he used an illustration of an elastic band tied from his left hip to the wall; whereby on the Downswing, the band snapped the hip back and into the wall.
And, That’s No Stretch!

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