How to use 3D Cake Pans to Bake Stand-Up Cakes

How to use 3D Cake Pans to Bake Stand-Up Cakes

Learn how to use 3D Cake Pans to make iconic character cakes like the lamb cake for Easter. Tips, tools and ingredients listed below.

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How to turn regular cake mix into a denser cake mix:

3D cakes make an extra-special presentation. The baked-in details make decorating even more fun. Choose from a variety of classic 3D pan shapes including the traditional Lamb cake for Easter, the cuddly bear, train, car, duck, giant cupcake and more!

How to Decorate a Lamb Cake:

– Pound cake or dense cake mix
– Cake Release:
– Bake Easy:

– All 3-D pans work best with a firm-textured cake batter (pudding added mixes and pound cakes). Do not use a traditional white cake as the crumb is too tender.
– Be sure pans are either greased (with vegetable shortening, not oil or butter) floured or sprayed with a vegetable spray, or brushed with Cake Release.
– It is important to follow pan directions for batter amounts.
– We recommend hand washing pan in hot, soapy water.
– Trim the bottom of your cake with a serrated knife to ensure that it sits level on your cake board

Printable PDF 3D Pan Instructions:

– 3D Shaped Pans:
– Cake Tester:
– Kitchen twine
– Cake board:


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