How to Vinyl Wrap Interior Trim | DETAILED GUIDE |

How to Vinyl Wrap Interior Trim  | DETAILED GUIDE |

I wrap the interior trim of my car with Brushed Steel 3M Vinyl (BR201). I give you a few tips I learned along the way to hopefully motivate some of you who might be on the fence about trying this out. Vinyl wrapping interior trim not only can transform the look of your car, but it also protects the trim it’s installed on. I linked below to the vinyl you see me using, but there are tons of different colors and textures to suit just about every taste. Enjoy your own wrapping job!

3m 1080 BR201 Brushed Steel Vinyl:
Wagner Heat Gun:
3M Primer Pens:
X-acto Knife:

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Canon M50: (main camera, really a gem…)
Hero 7 Black: (action camera)
Suction Mount: (for the inside car shots)
Lighting: (this is the secret to good shots)
Audio: (cheap, but indispensable)


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