Ideal Ball Position and Set Up for Hitting a Driver

Ideal Ball Position and Set Up for Hitting a Driver

What is the ideal ball position and set up for hitting your driver? In this video Maria of answers this question. She explains that with a driver you want to catch the ball after the bottom of the arc when you are on the upswing. This will help the ball launch and achieve maximum distance. Many instructors instruct students to play the ball at your left instep. But Maria mentions you have to be careful with that because stance widths vary from player to player. If you have an extremely wide stance, playing the ball at your left instep will result in the ball being played completely outside your body and then when you play it that far forward you will actually catch it too much on the upswing and probably outside in unless you are a highly skilled player.

Maria suggests playing the ball anywhere from the logo on your shirt to your left armpit. Choosing which place depends on your swing and your angle of attack. A player that releases early would have better luck playing the ball at the logo and a player with more lag would have better results playing it further forward. Maria also suggests having a bit more weight on your back foot at address.

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