Improve hip internal rotation: best internal rotation stretch you’ve never seen (Roadkill Stretch)

Improve hip internal rotation: best internal rotation stretch you’ve never seen (Roadkill Stretch)

Trying to improve hip internal rotation? Looking for a good internal hip rotation stretch that won’t hurt your knee? You’ve just found the Roadkill stretch!

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In this video, Matt demonstrates a stretch for hip internal rotation. It can be extremely hard to improve hip internal rotation and can feel like it’s completely impossible to improve. Many times people get knee pain doing other internal rotation stretches. This one seems to be good at minimizing that.

Do this stretch if you want your hips to internally rotate. Just be careful that you don’t move too fast or you might hurt your knee.

If your piriformis or other hip rotators are tight and stiff, it can be extremely difficult to improve your hip internal rotation. Many hip internal rotation stretches and exercises can be pretty frustrating if you can’t get these muscles to let go. To release the external/lateral rotators and increase your ability to internally rotate, this stretch may be one of the safest possible options. Just make sure you never feel it in your knee!

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