Increase Your Golf Swing Speed w/ the Right Shoulder Drill

Increase Your Golf Swing Speed w/ the Right Shoulder Drill

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Increase Your Golf Swing Speed w/ the Sledgehammer Drill

I had a “blast” making this video. You’ve gotta watch it!

I knock the heck out of some concrete blocks with a sledgehammer and teach you an important lesson while doing so:

Aggressively rotating your entire body through impact may feel powerful, but swinging your club like a sledgehammer is costing you a ton of distance.

Body rotation is not enough!

In this “Right Shoulder Golf Swing Drill” video, I’ll show you, in a pretty explosive demonstration, how to create the proper leverage in your swing for a ton of club head speed.

You’ll learn a series of drills that will teach you:

*How your right shoulder helps leverage your swing for more lag, and

*How to release your built-up lag for explosive distance!

BONUS! These drills may fix your slice by eliminating all of your over-the-top swing tendencies.

Watch this video now to stop your sledgehammer swing and start outdriving your buddies with an effortless, properly leveraged swing!

I look forward to working with you on your swing in the future!!

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