Inflaming the debate over flying foxes, Mr

Inflaming the debat온 카지노e over flying foxes, Mr. Fennell said that the Australian government should not be involved in th안산출장샵e management of threatened species when such “intruder” species cannot be protected at all.

The Australian Department of Environment and Energy (DoE) has announced that it will be reviewing its regulations for the handling of threatened birds under the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1976.

The government’s new regulations will allow the killing of threatened species without prior warning or approval, but are expected to be in place in 2018, when they will supersede a 2009 decision which온라인 바카라 allowed for the shooting of flying foxes under some circumstances.

In a statement to this morning the ministry said that it would “not consider a reintroduction programme for the flying foxes until further notice”.

Ms. Murnane, the government spokesman, confirmed earlier reports that the department had received complaints about the shooting of the species, and had been asked to review the laws for it.