INTENSE LEG WORKOUT ⚽️Train for ⬆️Endurance ⬆️Speed ⬆️Power Behind The Ball

INTENSE LEG WORKOUT ⚽️Train for ⬆️Endurance ⬆️Speed ⬆️Power Behind The Ball

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Today, we are training with Brazilian soccer player, Ribamar!
Ribamar is a young player and upcoming star! He currently plays for Vasco in Brazil and he brings 100% to every training with me!

My name is Lucas Kruel and I am the personal trainer of 60+ professional athletes worldwide. People think that the work that I do with elite athletes is “too hard” or “very exclusive”. But the secret is, you can do it too! In fact, the earlier you start training, the better you will play for longer! Not sure how to start? Check out my online training program:

Today we are focusing on increasing strength, stamina and power in the legs! This will help you develop your speed, endurance and power when you shoot, pass and sprint in the game. These exercises are targeting the hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, glutes and core muscle group areas.

– Move slowly but be slightly explosive when elevating your body. This promotes power and controlled training.
– Keep your knees in the same position. This provides stability and puts less stress on your joints.
– Flex your feet. This will give a good stretch in your calf muscles as you do the workout.
Let’s go!

When I designed my online training program, I based all exercises and workouts on the training that I give my professional players. So you can really train alongside the pros and myself but at your own level! You can check it out here:

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Before you start: Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any fitness regime.
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