Labor to change to cash refunds policy to protect pensioners

Labor to change to cash refunds policy to protect pensioners


Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari has backed the change to the way Labor has paid claims, saying it would save the government $10 million each year.

The former Labor senator and a potential future candidate for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s leadership said it could also make life easier for people who claim the Australian Taxation Office is not paying what they owe.

Senator Dastyari told the Nine Network’s Today program that he supported a $10 million reduction to the tax payment system under the previous Coalition.

“Why would we want to stop providing benefits to people who want to go to school and work hard,” Senator Dastyari said.

He said the system should also focus on getting people to work — and instead reward those who go to work instead of people who do not.

“You can’t have people work, pay their income tax, and not contribute to the economy and the welfare system,” Senator Dastyari said.

Labor has promised to make more improvements to the system by removing “the door t속초출장마사지나비야hat stops welfare workers’ hands from reaching the door, because they don’t think what they’re doing is good”.

But Senator Dastyari said people needed to understand that the government and its contractors do not operate like charities.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘charity’,” he said.

“You know what they do? It’s called the public service, it’s called the police, it’s called the army, it’s called the Navy. This is a commercial entity, an employer, and it’s paid them by the people who work, not taxpayers.”

Labor has been strong룰렛ly criticised in the past about its handling of claims for pensions and healthcare, which cost the government more than $100 million over the last 12 years.

“I don’t think there’s any question that the Abbott government can find money to make some people better off by giving them more money for things like health and education and so forth,” Senator Dastyari said.

“That is a right decision made by this government, but the money that they’re giving to the public service will benefit most people the least, and that is what the people should know.”

The Coalition and Labor have been pushing for a significant reduction in the government’s costs while giving more generous b로투스 홀짝enefits to high-income earners.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has promised that there will be no tax increase in the wake of the budget and promised a


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