Labor to end negative gearing concessions for new investors

Labor to end negative gearing concessions for new investors.

The Coalition believes its new “Fairness for all”, which it says would put in place new rules to encourage investment in the sector, would boost the economy.

Labor’s financial secretary, 카지노 사이트and former prime minister John Howard’s chief of staff, Simon Crean, said the Coalition’s decision to remove negative gearing was the “wrong” decision in terms of the long-term impact of a tax policy int더나인카지노roduced before Labor’s 2010 election defeat.

“Negative gearing is the result of the Labor Government’s flawed policies and it’s not the right thing to do,” he said.

The change is a blow to the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, who said on the same day the Government was going to take more on an annual $40 billion in new investment into education, research and development.

“The Treasurer will use every opportunity to ensure taxpayers’ money is spent on improving lives and ensuring opportunities are distributed equally to everyone,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison has defended the abolition of negative gearing.

“We did this to make people better off, to make sure we are more successful and that we’re contributing to more jobs,” he said on the ABC’s Insiders programme.

“And I think we’ve been able to deliver. And we’re also making sure that we give people more choice when they go about their life.”

Mr Morrison has previously indicated he would oppose any gover모나코 카지노nment tax cuts if there was a need for the money to fund Labor’s plans on income tax cuts.

He has not ruled out seeking a Senate cross-party deal on a tax hike, which some commentators are confident he would be able to make in return for a compromise on education.

Negative gearing policy introduced by the Labor government.

Mr Morrison’s shift on positive gearing was backed by other Labor ministers, including the treasurer, Joe Hockey, who said he supported Mr Crean’s position.

“Negative gearing really makes no sense,” Mr Hockey told the Daily Telegraph’s Australia Day program, which also aired on the Today show.

“They make no sense if you are going to pay the highest tax rates on an income that is less than $40,000.

“They make zero sense in the context of what we are doing on income-based programs, which is putting those rates into a market which will benefit the whole economy.”

Mr Hockey had to be restrained when asked about Mr Crean’s earlier comments, saying the Treasurer would be


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