Lawyers killing meant to destabilise myanmar statement says

Lawyers killing meant to destabilise myanmar statement says

The US has been seeking to get access to a cache of sensitive documents about the Rohingya Muslims accused of committing war crimes in Rakhine State.

An official from the Myanmar defenc코인 카지노e ministry said last week that they wanted access to a database of killings carried out by army troops in 2013, some 250,000 people, most of them Rohingya Muslims, shot dead.

It could be used to establish what killings had taken place and establish whether soldiers had committed genocide against the Rohingya.

Human Rights Watch said it had documented 10 deaths in Rakhine that year.

It called on the ministry to provide access immediately.

“We expect that the military to open its case and produce documents that will help the international community understand why hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed and why the in울산출장마사지ternational community, as well as rights groups and the international community, continue to remain unclear about these killings,” said Human Rights Watch Asia Pacific director Steven Sprigin.

The US is due to publish its findings on Rakhine in July.

“It is time to put an end to this ongoing crisis that threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,” said Ms Sprigin. “While we must continue to work with the government and international community, we must also press on to ensure that justice is delivered and our forces can work with the population and bring peace.”

Last week US President Barack Obama said the US was taking steps that could protect civilian lives.

But human rights바카라사이트 groups say military operations are often too indiscriminate.