Libs pledge private school funding labor defends schools in Wisconsin’s lawsuit against Gov

Libs pledge private school funding labor defends schools in Wisconsin’s lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker [Madison Journal Sentinel via Think Progress]

The Department of Public Instruction’s pledge of public school funding has become a battleground in Wisconsin after the governor announced in May it would make all of the state’s $2.2 billion in total public school funding available to all local districts.

That pledge has put public school teachers’ union members on the offensive, and while one of the three largest teachers’ unions in the country, AFSCME, supports giving districts an additional $500 million to support their education goals, the teachers’ union wants to see more money to support their students.

But some other big teachers’ unions are fighting back.

On Monday, the Chicago Teachers Union led a rally in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood against Walker’s school choice plan by standing up against local union dues increases — one of the key elements in the governor’s plan that unions oppose.

Lincoln Park, where the rally was held, is located in Chicago’s South and Wgospelhitzest sides and was one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods before Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in 2010. Igospelhitzn a statement, Illinois Superintendent of Public Instruction John King called the union rally a “staged” attempt to shut down the teachers’ union.

But it wasn’t the only time teachers’ unions and their supporters got in on the act during the state’s annual budget crisis. They are also trying to prevent the state from keeping funding for teachers’ retirement benefits — which in Illinois is already one of the state’s highest benefit costs — while a portion of the tax money is being raised by increasing employee retirement benefits.

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The public school funding issue is among a number of contentious budget battles in the state in which public schools have recently come under increased scrutiny from advocates for the working class. At the same time, local education officials and activists alike are taking the fight to Governor Walker on issues such as the fate of the state’s planned $800 million expansion of Milwaukee’s public school더킹카지노 system and whether it will provide needed services for low-income residents in communities that make up their largest population share, residents who make up about half of the state’s student body.

The state’s budget crisis, sparked by a $1 billion budget shortfall, has become a political hot potato in Wisconsin. A November poll found 58 percent of voters opposed the budget and a February Quinnipiac University poll found the majority oppose