Little Cabin in the Woods: Kid's Golf tournament

Little Cabin in the Woods: Kid's Golf tournament

I started recording Snippets from our lives for us, I want everyone in the family to be able to look back at what our lives looked like at certain points in  time.

While ultimately these videos are for us and nobody else I also hope they will show the world what our normal, as a Multicultural family of 12 looks like.

My mom always dreamed of a large family, when she married my dad she told him she wanted 12 children. They are High School sweethearts, and even more in love now than they were then.

Next is “the girls” Hannah is 23, and a full-time nurse. I am Livy, I’m 20. I work as a nanny, and I’m in nursing school. ( BTW I tell everyone that nursing was my idea first.)

After us is “the boys” Patrick is 18, and at 6’3 he’s often referred to as the man-child. He just graduated from high school, and he plans on going into the music industry. Boo is 14, enjoys gaming, and is a very sweet soul.

Next are “the littles” Tess and Jude are 9, Mimi and Ru are 7. If you ask the respective pair if they’re twins they respond by saying “no, we are ‘not-twins’ ”

Tess, our spunky Soul came home from Vietnam just after her first birthday. Jude came home at the same time, he is a sensitive righteous baseball lover.

Mimi came home just before her 2nd birthday, and she is all girly girl! Ru came home just after his 7th birthday, while we’re still getting to know him we know he is a playful, loud and passionate child.

If you want to delve deeper into our lives, and learn more about us:
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