MAKE GOLF FUN AGAIN – Way of the Playa – Part 2 No more misery

MAKE GOLF FUN AGAIN – Way of the Playa – Part 2 No more misery

Make Golf Fun Again – The Way of the Playa is explained in Part 2 from Clarens Golf Course in the Free State South Africa. We get more philosophical this time round and delve into making our lives better which in turn makes golf game better and more enjoyable.



I used to be a nutter on the golf course. I would get so upset by my shortcomings. It was not related to golf was it playa?

It’s life bringing all it’s drama onto the course to make us capitulate.

There are so many kinds of idiots on the golf course. The constant swing critique during a round…the amateur rules official who is just WAITING for a chance to penalize someone for something, while he breaks several rules every hole. There’s a lot of negativity in golf and it seems to be a culture of golfers.

I want to break that trend and show you a way to BRING THE FUN, and KEEP BRINGING THE FUN because positivity always ALWAYS overcomes negativity. That is the theme of the Way of the Playa

Commit – positive!
Enjoy – positive
Smile – positive
Have fun – positive
Play YOUR game to your capabilities – positive

Let’s leave the culture of negative behind and for all those snowflakes tirggered by your positivity and fun attitude, let them be triggered into oblivion so that they eventually turn to the Cult of Fun. the Way of the Playa!!

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