Mike Austin 1960 TV Golf Swing Show, Part 1 of 2

Mike Austin 1960 TV Golf Swing Show, Part 1 of 2

Long before Mike Austin had ever become ‘world famous’ for hitting his 515 yard drive, he was becoming well known in Los Angeles.

He starred in his own TV show in 1960 on KHJ TV Channel 9 where he demonstrated the perfect golf swing wearing his skeleton suit to show the framework of the body.

In about the same era, Mike had an indoor training center where he taught golf and several other sports including boxing. This was most likely modeled after Count Yogi’s studio in Chicago, where he taught briefly in about 1940.

You’ll notice in the video that Mike’s longest drive in competition at this point is 447 yards, well short of his Guinness mark he would set in 1974.

You can catch part 2 here:

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