Millions of Golf Tips – Which is Right for YOUR swing? Podcast

Millions of Golf Tips – Which is Right for YOUR swing? Podcast

Imagine you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant comes over the intercom and says both pilots are dead, we need someone to land the plane…

You, having no flying experience but wanting to save the day, jump up and say “I’ll do it!”

As you walk to the front of the plane, each of your 100 fellow passengers offers you a “tip” on how to successfully land the plane.

Which do you take? Do you take any of them? What are your chances of success of landing the plane?

Being a 25 handicap pilot will lead to a very short career..

Being a 25 handicap golfer leads to frustration.

How do you improve? How do you learn a proper golf swing?

Are you trying random tips from people you don’t know?

Perhaps, there’s a better way….

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