Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing – Single Plane Solution Drills

Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing – Single Plane Solution Drills

Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing – Single Plane Solution Drills

Learn how to swing exactly like Moe Norman did. You can start with five FREE lessons by clicking the following link.

Learn more about the Drills DVD and purchase your copy here:

Disc 1
In this exciting video, you’ll discover…
How Moe addressed the ball and why a bad foundation causes inconsistency and poor ball-striking
How to feel and master the perfect address position
How to learn the ideal positions the golf swing
How to make the proper swing positions with the PVC Drill
How to know what ideal positions feel like with a golf club
How to identify the exact point in the backswing when the hands hinge
How to develop a perfectly on plane backswing
and much, much more.

Disc 2
Tim Graves is your guide through nine essential drills to improve your putting, chipping and pitching. This DVD is your essential guide to improving the SCORING aspect of your game.

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