Monster Golf Swing Review | How to Increase Golf Swing Flexibility?

Monster Golf Swing Review | How to Increase Golf Swing Flexibility?

Monster Golf Swing Review | How to Increase Golf Swing Flexibility. If you’re reading this and enjoyed the video please leave a like and remember to subscribe.

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Anybody who has ever played the game of golf has wanted to have a Monster Golf Swing. However many of us tend to settle for the average 220 yard drives as long as it’s kept in play.

In order to increase your swing by as much as 70 yards without losing any of your accuracy you really only need to follow three simple steps. These three steps have nothing to do with:
• What kind of club you’re using.
• How out of shape you are.
• How long you been playing golf.

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You must stretch to create torque. Many golfers are stiff in their upper back and if your upper back is stiff you can generate enough torque to hit the ball for maximum distance because you’re able to make a good shoulder turn.

When this happens, your body naturally compensates by using your arms to swing a golf club. When your upper back is stiff you’re guaranteed to injure your shoulder elbow or wrist, if you haven’t already.

So what do most golfers do in this situation – they think the solution is to stretch their back muscles this is actually a huge mistake.

Here’s why. By stretching your back muscles, believe it or not, you make your back even more stiff and easier to injure. If your back is stiff you can’t generate maximum torque to hit the ball very far.

I almost can’t believe that, in this day and age, people are still stretching the wrong muscles, but with so much misinformation out there on golf and improving your swing distance and accuracy, it’s no wonder.

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