My Hunting Golf Cart-Walkaround

My Hunting Golf Cart-Walkaround

Hunting golf carts are becoming more and more popular as hunters look to increase their stealth as part of their hunting strategy. Many hunters make a fun project out of taking an old golf cart and turning it into their dream hunting buggy. There is nothing like cruising around the farm or easing through the woods in a perfectly quiet electric hunting cart. No motor noise, no fumes, no notification that you are coming…just SURPRISE!!! Many hunters who drive gas driven carts don’t realize that wildlife have been spooked long before they even know it, but not the case on an hunting golf cart.

With today’s advancements in electric motors, solid state controllers, and battery power storage, one can build an electric hunting cart that performs as well or better than any gas powered machine. If one has any doubt just look at the performance of a Tesla electric car compared to ANY gas powered car on the road (in the 1/4mile)!

There are many manufactured electric hunting carts on the market these days but they come with a hefty price. If you are looking to save some money you can buy an old golf cart and turn it into a hunting golf cart. Build it from the ground up and build it to fit your hunting needs.

Have fun, save some money, and happy hunting!

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