Northern council defends spending plan ahead of election

Northern council defends spending plan ahead of election

The Local Government Association said it supported the move, calling it “progressive” but said its members would be looking at the full detail of the proposal before making a final decision.

But the Local Government Association said it would be “very concerned” if the SNP had announced a further £3 billion freeze in council spending for 2016/17.

The Scottish Government would be expected to consider all of the implications of freezing council budgets, including whether such cuts were necessary in light of the ongoing impact of inflation on spending, Labour shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said.

Scottish Conservative MSP Andy Wightman said he thought the freeze appeared to be based on a false premise that councils could make up the savings in the short-term if they reduced the number of workers they hired or closed shops.

“It is just a fantasy to think that a £1 billion reduction of staffing costs would somehow bring them under control,” he said.

“When the SNP and John Swinney took up the threat of freezing council budgets with the promise of delivering extra spending it was a bluff of desperation.

“In the process they open전주출장마사지ed the door for ministers from all four main parties to promise extra spending.

“To suggest that Scotland will be any better off financially simply because more government money is spent is not just naive it is cynical.”

The freeze is also due to come into effect on 20 June, but will be subject to a series of factors before it is confirmed.

It will include measures to ensure financial control over council budgets, including plans to ensure councils retain control over the quality of public transport, health and care services, transport parking, emergency services and building services

Some councils have already announced planned budget cuts ahead of the vote, while others are due to face significant tax increases in the final few weeks before the vote, due to the impact of the Brexit vote.

A spokesman for the SNP said its manifesto – a document w더킹카지노주소hich its campaign said had “nailed 24 시 출장in on a fairer tax system that benefits everyone”, including the poorest – would protect councils by ensuring the “full power” to raise money.

He said: “The SNP Government is proposing to do exactly the opposite of what was proposed by Labour.”