Ombudsman attacks technology cost blow outs

Ombudsman at강남출장안마 강남안마tacks technology cost blow outs

The review report published on 19 March found that the UK’s main technology companies were often paying $12 million, or 12 times as much, more per year to secure their intellectual property than Australian companies.

But in its findings the Australian Business Council argues the total cost of such contracts has been reduced over time by less than $6 million per year, “by providing a variety of digital services which are cheaper and simpler to offer across a larger customer base”.

The UK has traditionally been a leader in software licensing and the report found that British software firms also used up more than 75 per cent of all its licensing, although this figure has improved due to reforms in the last year.

The authors also found that a British company, GSK, used up nearly 75 per cent of its total sales of intellectual property for software developed for the NHS in the 10 years to 2009.

In the review, the authors also found:

British companies had more than half of their software sales in Australia used to develop services in both products and services

Almost half of GSK’s software sales had been acquired through patents held by the company in the UK and Australia, and Australian companies spent an average of $16 million each year

UK companies received less than one-half of their software sales from patent transactions in Australia and less than one-third of their software sales from intellectual property sales in Australia in 2010, so GSK had been the second-biggest contributor to patents in Australian software and a third of all the UK software firms, using at least 20 per 경주출장마사지cent of all their sales in Australia to license t구로 출장 안마o other countries.

One of the authors on the review, Steve Martin from the US Government Accountability Office, says he thinks this type of research “shows the UK’s lack of success in terms of preventing technology cost blow outs”.

He said Australian software firms could pay more in tax, as well as paying royalties and royalties payments to the US, but Australia’s tax burden had been reduced substantially as a result of changes such as ending a trade surcharge in the 1990s.

In its review of software licensing the study found that Australian firms were the biggest contributors to software intellectual property sales, the second largest contributor to software royalties, and second largest contributor to software royalty payments.

He says it’s important to note that Australia “has never been a tax haven” and had developed a “more than competitive tax regime”.


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