Pilates Inspired Flexibility for Golfers-Improve Your Golf and Fitness with Cardiogolf

Pilates Inspired Flexibility for Golfers-Improve Your Golf and Fitness with Cardiogolf

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Today’s workout is a modified Pilates routine. I have taken simple stretches and combined them with Pilates’ breathing to target muscles used in the golf swing.  Although Pilates have been in the mainstream of general fitness for a few years now, golfers are just starting to consider this discipline to help them improve their golf games. Pilates help improve flexibility, concentration and body control. Breathing is an integral part of Pilates, so you will want to concentrate on your breathing as you do all the exercises.  These exercises are more dynamic than static stretching because you will be breathing more deeply.

I recommend that you take a Pilates class, sometime in the future, if you haven’t done so, to learn proper breathing.  Learning proper breath control can assist you on the golf course to not only improve your concentration, but also to energize your swing.

Always begin with the Cardiogolf pre-round warm-up routine before doing this or any of the exercise routines.

Par Level: 10 minutes – Do routine one time
Birdie Level: 20 minutes – Repeat routine twice
Eagle Level: 30 minutes – Repeat routine three times

Modified Pilates Routine for Golf

Pilates exercises lengthen, strengthen, balance and align muscles and joints without adding bulk. Pilates can help golfers elongate muscles for a smoother, longer swing.

Breathing is an integral part of both Pilates and golf. Breathing keeps oxygen circulating, increasing stamina, and when executed properly, strengthens the deep abdominal muscles that support the lower back.

There are specific breathing directions for Pilates exercises. To breathe for Pilates, you inhale through your nose filling your abdomen completely with air, then exhale through your mouth, as you deepen your abdominal muscles, releasing all the air and tightening your core. This type of breathing helps you perform the exercises to elongate muscles. Practicing this type of breathing on a daily basis can also relieve stress and expand lung capacity.

Directions: After you have performed the Cardiogolf pre-round warmup routine, perform each exercise in this routine by holding the position as you exhale and inhale for 10 counts. These exercises are more dynamic than static stretching because you focus on breathing more deeply.

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