Planemate Progress Update

Planemate Progress Update

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I am no pro and not trying to show people how to use it! I am just demonstrating what I feel using it and some of my results! I admit, I am probably not doing it quite right!

Anyway! I have had the Tour Striker Planemate for a little while and have worked through some of the protocol videos, and now I am getting started on the longer band.

While I was only on the no. 5 protocol, just doing that, really improved my short game!

I might not have it all down yet and I added a little of my goofy style to this video, but feel like it is helping to improve my down swing and rotation, already.

*If you want to learn more about the Planemate, check it out here!

*I must let you know, that I am an affiliate of Tour Striker, and if you buy something while on the site, I earn some kick back! But I wouldn’t just post this because I can make money! I really think all of the Tour Striker training aids are great tools to use, to help you play better golf and have more fun!

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