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Otherwise, his place will be transferred to the player from the turn. In a game with five or more players, the player who refuses to post antes or blinds, the game is dissolved, does not allow a card to be drawn to take place in another game.

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The real boom in poker and tournament came in 2003 when the unknown player Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP major event in Las Vegas. The money maker gave people a dream by showing them how to win 2.5 million for only $ 40 with luck and tactics.

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Transfers and transfers must be made immediately. This includes players who do not play all the remaining hands before the big blind. However, players who are already in the blinds may end up in the blinds and on the button. The departure of the third person (the third missing player) is a situation where a player gets up from his seat at the cash game table after two other players have already left the table. This player must return to his seat within one lap.

If two players have already left the table, the third player may not leave the table for more than one round. Otherwise, another player in the queue can take his place. Traders must notify players and casino staff when the third missing player rule is used (“third person goes”).

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The highest poker hand begins to win the vase, after which the button moves to the other hand clockwise, the players place the blinds and the other hand. After all the participants in the distribution have made a decision, after equalizing the bets, or after tossing the cards on the card, three cards are dealt face up on the table, called flops. In PokerStars cash games, there is a third missing player rule (“third person goes”).


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