Process to Improve Your Son’s Swing | Baseball Hitting Drills

Process to Improve Your Son’s Swing | Baseball Hitting Drills

Process to Improve Your Sons Swing

Geoff talks about the exact process he uses to help kids improve their swing.

How were you able to use our drills to help your son?
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Hey Guy Geoff Rottmayer here with and membership player development website and facility for baseball players. The last couple of video I talked about analysis video and how I do it.

The first step was to just watch and document everything I see through the entire movement starting from the ground up.

The next was the look at what we want to accomplish and then what we need to focus on.
99% of kids do that same thing so they all need a variation of the same understanding – as you can see here there are countless examples of kids doing the same thing.

And Now today I am going to show you the very first thing that I have kids do to start RE-working the swing pattern and understand what they are trying to do. We need kids to get this right before we progress. Some guys work on it all the time and get better quicker then the ones who don’t practice it – that’s obvious.

So – what I start out doing is placing four baseballs on the ground – 1,2,3,4

The first ball – I place where their back foot is. The second ball – I place in the center of their body. The third ball – I place where their front foot is in set up. The forth ball – I put where they are to stride too.

Now I am teaching them how to get balance in their set up and i am using some of the technique that I use in the balance video – so check that out.

Now – I am not instructing kids to peel their peel their foot foot off the ground and use the back leg to move you forward into the forth baseball.

When you do this correctly – the second baseball will now be lined up at my back hip and the third baseball will be the center.

Now I did this demo really quick last night and the attention to details wasn’t there but you get the point on what I am trying to do and get kids to do.

Now couple of other things are happening when I am no wing forward – I want kids to feel a bow and arrow action with their scap as they are moving forward – let me show you an example – (Show other video)

This is happening as I am striding forward.

Couple things kids do – they want to push their hands back which cause the arm bar which cause issues or they they want to bring the hands forward while moving forward.

Now the other thing that is happening – watch my hands – I have a 2lbs sand filled ball in my hand and I start and I have my thumbs facing up vertically – as I move forward I am instructing kids to turned the thumb to your face, and that will position the bat knob pointing to the catchers feet which is what we want.

Now when we get to this position – this is where kids fall apart for the most part. What I am telling kids to do – is to take the hands and cross their chest – this will take the k on to the pitcher in a straight line. Too many kids will straight the front arm up and bring the hands out and around instead of staying in a straight line inside the baseball.

Now I am letting them know that when want the barrel to stay in the same path of the hands for as long as possible. Right when the knob get to the front hip area is when we will start to release the barrel and hit the ball and get extended – so not I am taking the ball and keep it going forward.

When I get to full extension – I want the bottom hand the be pointing to the pitcher and I want to take the ball with my other fly and and finish high with it – the finishing high is a by product of doing everything right not a forced action.

So this is what I do. Another thing I will add – try to tell kids to o both heel in the ground as long as possible. Avoid the spinning and squashing of the big movement.

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