Queensland prepares for state election to be held on July 1

Queensland prepares for state election to be held on July 1

The Liberal government was caught with its pants down and failed to deliver on the promise of spending $1.3 billion on infrastructure to bring Victoria’s state capital – in line with NSW and ACT – on pace to deliver new roads and rail upgrades.

The $1.3 billion, the first such grant from the state, will fund three new major projects, but not one that will be completed or operate until early 2016.

“It’s a significant project, especially after the major construction that happened last year in the city of WestConnex and the South West Trains Link between Melbourne and Port Macquarie,” Mr Andrews told Guardian Australia on Wednesday.

“[But] this is something I’ve committed to. I’ll spend as much as is necessary to make this project a success. That is my promise to the state of Victoria.”

On Thursday, Mr Andrews confirmed the $1.3 billion project was a pre-election commitment, but refused to say how much had been allocated.

“The funds are there as you know we have a committed budget from last year to make sure we’re delivering in our state of Queensland commitments, to help Queensla여주출장안마nders achieve better-paying jobs,” he told Sky News on Thursday morning.

“I can confirm that a number of the $100 million that was earmarked for the $1.3 billion project are already spent and we have made progress towards that.

“This project was identified as one of the items that we should fund by the Victorian government. There are over 200 projects that have already been undertaken and the vast majority are not finished, they haven’t been operated, they haven’t got started, they haven’t got finished, so there is a very good track record in terms of that.”

Victorian trCDC 철도청 카지노ansport minister Andrew Constance said on Wednesday the $1.3 billion would be paid for in a number of ways.

“That is the promise of the state’s spending by the Commonwealth government in the new federal election period,” he said.

Victoria has committed $1.3bn towards $1.7bn of the $3.4bn total cost of the state-wide project, and $2.7bn towards $1.8bn more than expected.

Mr Andrews said the money would “give us the capability to 룰렛deliver what the Victorian people have asked for and that is roads and rail”.

On Thursday morning, Labor was accusing the Andrews government of using th


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