Ranking the Five Favorite to Sign Mesut Ozil When He Leaves

There is a lot of noise in the transfer market already and Mesut Ozil has only joined from Real Madrid this summer. Some say he should stay, some say he should go. The most obvious question is why is this man so hot favourite to sign off at the end of the season? What is it about him and his style of football that make Arsenal fans start talking about him like crazy? In this article I will try and answer that question for you.

Mesut Ozil has been an attacking player for Arsenal over the years. His two goals against Manchester United last year were fantastic by any standards and showed what he can do in the right position on the park. It looked like he had the entire team underneath him and just fed them the ball. This kind of football from Mesut Ozil is exactly what you want from a central defender if you want to succeed at the club.

However, many English football fans don’t know how good Ozil odds are until they see him play live for a big European club. It’s quite an experience for many to see their idol in action and his ability to drive the football into the net is simply sensational. This season we saw some wonderful displays from him and his performances earned him many plaudits from pundits and coach Sir Alex Ferguson. All the praise has been well deserved as Oil has brought a lot to the club.

One thing I won’t mention is that signing Mesut Ozil when he leaves is going to be a big financial move for the club. Financial giants Manchester United and Chelsea have also shown interest in signing him but they may face a fight for his signature. For the United side, replacing Sir Alex Ferguson will be tough and their budget is probably not as high as Chelsea’s. On the other hand, Chelsea may be more financially powerful and with a world class coach in Frank Lampard and many new signings, they may be even better next season. Nevertheless, expect big changes at the Chelsea end of things as well.

So, why is Ozil so highly rated? Some say it’s because he has played with some great players and helped them develop into top players. He has established himself as a very good striker and is now trusted by many of his team mates. Another reason is because he loves the game and wants to succeed. So many young players nowadays fail to achieve their goals mainly because they are not given a clear direction and this is the main reason why many of them join big clubs when they mature.

In conclusion, Ranking the five favourites to sign Mesut Ozil when he leaves is a difficult job. There is no sure thing, what will happen between now and the end of the season. However, what we do know is that Chelsea have many players to replace him, which also goes for Manchester United and Arsenal as well. So don’t put too much pressure on Hazard, who is a great player and will provide some quality football for Chelsea this season. Have fun!