Regulation Backyard 19th Hole Golf Flag Stick with Patented Anchor System

Regulation Backyard 19th Hole Golf Flag Stick with Patented Anchor System

This is one of my favorite backyard golf accessories. The 2 piece design allows us to ship the product more efficiently – but with the same commercial quality flag stick.

The mow over anchor allows for easy installation and relocation if ever needed. It is a much easier install than a real cup and will stay more secure. The problem that we had with real golf cups was the difficulty to install as well as the loosening over time from the wind upon the flag.

Although the target flag itself is not usually considered a training aid – it is a simple yet very effective tool to help golfers tune up their short game.

If you have a backyard – spending 5-10-15 minutes a day pitching and chipping golf balls to set distances your touch around the greens is sure to improve.

I recently practiced about 60 chip shots to 2 different flags for 3-days and when I played the following day I was lucky enough to have the exact distance of one o my target flags and was able to execute the shot with more confidence and feel that I typically had.

– In fact I had better get out there before I play this week!

If you need any help with golf mats, flags, or simulator rooms please reach out and I’ll do my best to help you.
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