Report clears vic police of database misuse and fraud in the name of drugs

Report clears vic police of database misuse and fraud in the name of drugs

Vic police officers are being allowed to access secret information from drug tests administered to people suspected of drug use, raising concerns that the force has failed to identify serious problems and is allowing abuse to go unchecked, a Senate inquiry heard.

The Vic Health audit of drug-testing database system conducted in 2016-17 by a Senate panel found that no systemic issues raised were found.

A former senior Vic police officer told the inquiry there was a failure of oversight but he had no details.

“What I think is really wrong and unacceptable is that information (by police officers) can be used for the police purpose without any review,” he said.

A senior Vic Police officer told the inquiry: “There were a number of people who were being tested for drugs, it wasn’t the drug problem but just to see if the police were testing them that they were.”

‘This was a systematic failure’

Vic Police Department director of operational health Matthew Gee said the department was currently investigating the audit.

He told the inquiry: “We have made some progress, including putting a team under way to look at our datab더킹카지노ase to ensure it’s functioning properly.”

However, he said no specific complaints had been made, and a full audit would be completed within six months.

‘They weren’t the 바카라사이트only ones’

Senator Michael Keenan said the public was entitled to expect police to know what their police powers actuall카지노 사이트y meant.

“It’s time to make the police accountable for their policies and their work. This is a systemic failure. No one should be allowed to simply go about their day without knowing they can have police support.”

The Senate inquiry has begun its work.

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