Review: Flightscope Mevo launch monitor

Review: Flightscope Mevo launch monitor

How does a portable launch monitor the size of a phone stack up against Trackman? We put the Flightscope Mevo to the test

Our Flightscope Mevo review took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We’ve spent a lot of time monitoring data from Trackman and GC2 but haven’t really looked into the portable, consumer launch monitor market where this product fits it.

Flightscope say this is a product teaching pros can use but for £550 we see it more as something a serious golfer might like to invest in to monitor their numbers.

Flightscope Mevo review – First impressions

It’s hard to believe just how small and light this product is. It literally fits in the palm of your hand or in your back pocket. It’s smaller than a mobile phone.

The set-up process is very simple. Just download the free app on to your mobile and sync them together via bluetooth.

That’s it, you’re ready to go whether you’re hitting shots indoors or outdoors.

It is recommended that you use the silver metal dots provided to put on your balls for more accurate spin rates.

Flightscope Mevo review – The technology

The Mevo uses radar technology to pick up ball speed, spin, launch angle, club speed and more.

It differs to the larger, and more expensive, Flightscope launch monitors which track the ball through it’s entire flight.

The Mevo gets the data from the first few feet of flight and then calculates the totals.

What is really cool about the Mevo is the way it works with the mobile app.

Flightscope Mevo review

You can actually record videos of swings and the data will appear on screen. These can be saved in the app so you can look back at your good and bad swings.

Flightscope Mevo review – The results

We set up Trackman and the Mevo and got both launch monitors to record the same shots.

Flightscope Mevo review

I hit five shots with my Ping G400 7-iron and then five shots with my Ping G400 driver.

The 7-iron comparisons were really impressive with about a yard difference in carry with each shot.

Flightscope Mevo review

There was a bit of discrepancy with the swing speed numbers with the Mevo stating I was swinging it about 5mph faster than what Trackman was saying.

But I was extremely impressed with the carry numbers. From previous experience I have found portable launch monitors to be a bit more generous that Trackman but this was not the case.

With the driver, it seemed like there was more discrepancy particularly on the bad shots.

My bad miss with the driver is a choppy, necky one which can spin over 4,000rpm and only carry about 200 yards.

Flightscope Mevo review

My good shot with the driver carries 235-240 with a total of 250-260.

There was less difference with the good shots – all within about 10 yards of each other. But there was one bad shot which Trackman said carried 200 and the Mevo said it carried 230.

I’m pretty sure the Trackman number was the most accurate as I could see where the ball went.

Flightscope Mevo review – NCG verdict

There are so many positives about this launch monitor. It’s unfair really to put it up against Trackman which costs in excess of £10,000.

But the fact a lot of the data was very similar shows for £550 that it’s a cracking piece of kit.

Maybe as we get used to it a bit more we might be able to get a bit more accuracy with the driver numbers.

We weren’t as diligent as we could have been with where the metal dots were placed and that could have affected the spin numbers a bit with the driver.

Ultimately, it’s that high spin rate which kills distance with the driver which is why Trackman was able to detect a more accurate carry with the driver.

I love the way Flightscope have integrated the mobile app with this product. It’s possible to set your phone up on a tripod and then watch the session back with a swing to match each set of numbers.

Flightscope Mevo review

Those videos can then be shared with friends or a teaching pro who might be able to identify areas for improvement.

So who is going to spend £550 on a portable launch monitor? Someone who is very serious about their golf and loves a bit of tech.

I guess people spend more than that on an electric trolleys.

It’s a really useful tool for gapping work and a good way to monitor improvements.

I would warn against too much self diagnosis of swing faults though so please use this in conjunction with a PGA pro if you are tempted to buy one.

SRP: £550

More information can be found on the Flightscope website.

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