Revolutionary “Right Wrist Move” For Hitting The Ball Solid

Revolutionary “Right Wrist Move” For Hitting The Ball Solid

This wrist move will help you hit the ball more solid…
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When you use this technique, you’re going to hit the ball much more solid next time you play golf.

The right wrist in the golf swing is something that gets talked about far less than it should, and far less than what people would talk about the left hand.

There are a lot of videos for a right-handed golfer showing how the left hand works in the swing, and there are drills that can help you with that.

But we also need to talk a little bit about the right hand. If I were to make a backswing to the top, obviously, because I’m holding onto the club with both hands, both of the positions of the hands are important. (Watch the video to see me demonstrate this.)

So, a lot of people, in an effort to try and get their left wrist flat on top (which it should be) might not like that feel. Maybe the left-hand or left-side feels, for you, don’t quite work.

For some of you it will, and that’s great, but if not, we can also do that through the right hand. So, if you notice, at the top of my swing when I have my left hand in a perfect flat position, what does my right wrist look like? (Watch the video to see the full explanation!)

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