Rickie Fowler's Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

Rickie Fowler's Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

The strength of your swing can come down to the strength of your arc. Hank Haney shows us how Rickie Fowler has mastered that simple, classic move.

[Hank] Rickie Fowler has one of the most improved golf
swings on the PGA Tour and he’s the perfect example of
swinging the golf club on an arc, around his body,
keeping the club face square to that arc.
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When he sets up to the ball, you can see he’s to the side
of the golf ball.
So, when you swing the golf club, the gold club swings
on an arc that goes around to the inside to
the backswing, back to straight when you get to the ball,
and then round again in the through swing.
It’s important to keep the clubface square to that arc,
as you swing.
Let me use Ricky as an example here,
the golf club, as it goes back, is swinging around
on this arc here,
and the clubface is square to the arc,
it’s not square to target line, it’s square to the arc.
The club face is open relatively to the target line,
and it’s doing that because his arms are rotating
as he goes back.
There’s some forearm rotation as he’s going back.
As he continues to go back, you see the club face rotating
open, and the left arm is rotated all the way to the top.
There, the club face is in a square position, at that point.
As he comes down, you see the club face rotating again
back and through and he’ll continue that arc all the
way through that golf ball.
The golf swing, swings at on arc, from inside,
to straight, and back to the inside,
and the clubface stay square to that arc as
you go back and through.
There’s no manipulation, opening the club too much,
or closing the club too much. You just let it gradually
open and close, it’s like a door that opens as
you go back, and closes as you come through.
Watch this as he swings through the golf ball.
There, he’s closing that door as he goes through.
Remember, you’re trying to swing the golf club on an arc,
not a straight line.

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