Russia rejects europe election hacking claims – Ukrainian PM accuses EU of interfering in Ukrainian elections

Russia rejects europe election hacking claims – Ukrainian PM accuses EU of interfering in Ukrainian elections

– Ukrainian PM accuses EU of interfering in Ukrainian elections More news from the Ukraine…

Kiev-Russia elections: new polls showing big gaps in Russian’s favorability – Ukraine

Russian official denies that Ukraine used illegal methods in elections

Russian foreign ministry denies allegations of fake news in Ukraine election

Russia, Ukraine face economic crisis in 2016

Vietnam says it is ready to cooperate with the EU on border protection

Vietnam to send troops to Georgia, to help Ukrainian army defend itself

Kiev confirms 10-year ceasefire deal with Russia agreed in Minsk peace talks in Belarus

Putin ‘not ready’ to engage in military alliance between the US and Russia – US Secretary of State John Kerry

Venezuelan president says he will not allow any military action against Venezuela

Kiev refuses to recognize ceasefire between Russian and Ukrainian forces in Donbass – Ukrainian president

Ukrainian army retires from its occupation of 아산출장안마Crimea – UN

Ukrainian government demands help from international organizations, including international organizations of the United Nations, in defending against illegal Russian actions

Ukrainian National Guard launches the offensive a텍사스 홀덤gainst Russian aggression in Donbass, has retaken half of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and has encircled the last remaining forces of illegal Russian troops in the city of Horlivka

President Putin rejects calls for peace talks with Poroshenko in Minsk on February 23rd – Poroshenko

Russia condemns the Ukrainian president’s announcement that he will hold the elec인터넷 카지노tion on February 22nd – Lavrov

Czech PM rejects UN report that Russia uses faked stories to destabilize Ukraine’s elections

Russian, Ukrainian forces meet in eastern Ukraine. On 2 February, they broke a ceasefire agreement that was signed in Minsk by Russian president Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko on February 6th.

Russian armed forces seize two Ukrainian military posts (the towns of Semyonovka and Novoazovsk in eastern Ukraine) and take over territory from the Ukrainian defense ministry, Ukrainian media says.

Nato and US have accused Russia of destabilizing Ukrainian government – NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

UK and US will deploy battalions to NATO military headquarters at Europe (Gulf of Mexico) in 2014 – President Obama and US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

Russian airforce flies raids over the Baltic Sea area with warning siren, says Kiev

Ukraine militar