Sean Foley on How To Smash Your Irons | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

Sean Foley on How To Smash Your Irons | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

You might have been told to “stay behind the ball” to really smash it. Instead of trying to keep your upper body back, try Sean Foley’s simple adjustments to help you accomplish that and still shift toward the target.

One of the things that you hear a lot of professionals
talk about is how they stay behind the ball.
But it’s how we’re staying behind the ball.
So I think if an amateur has the picture
of someone saying, stay behind the ball,
they get all their weight onto their right leg
and then they just stay there.
A simple feel for an amateur to do this properly,
you go ahead and you load up into that right side,
that right hip, and that right glute.
From the top of your swing you want to feel
like you’re squashing a tomato.
That’s going to give me the slide I need with the hips.
And then feel after you’re stomped the tomato
that you get the belt buckle pointing at the target.

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