Simplify Your Golf Swing Wrist Hinge | How To Take The Perfect Backswing

Simplify Your Golf Swing Wrist Hinge | How To Take The Perfect Backswing

How to break the wrists in the golf swing for more consistency?
Let’s simplify your golf swing wrist hinge and take the perfect backswing. Simple golf swing series.

In this simple golf swing lesson, Alex Fortey shares a good way to naturally think about the golf swing wrist hinge. When you can make golf more simple your ball striking improves and your consistency improves.

Wrist hinge, how to take your backswing takeaway. There are so many different methods you’re trying to keep the triangle. Maybe it’s used the whole body, maybe it’s set the wrist first and then turn. There are so many different ways and to be truthful I get stuck going backward and forwards sometimes of what feels good and that’s the thing with golf.
We’re not wired as humans to stick to one particular thing because every golf shot we hit.

We recharge ourselves to start again. It’s about momentum and gravity and hitting as the particular target that’s why it’s so important to focus on your objective and not about the mechanics so much but there is I think a way that I’ve realized that it’s going to give us a little bit more consistency.

You know how that the wrist fold in the backswing, how they function throughout there’s going to give us a little bit more consistency. we have the stroke to swing which is basically gears where it takes away just the arms then we use the hips a little bit then we hinge the wrist and then we raise the body that works very very effectively.

What we’re going to talk about is the gradual hinging of the wrists but how can we sort of calculate that to make sure that we still have you know a consistent angle throughout the swing and especially as we’re coming down at the top of the backswing.

We’re going four degrees wise, we’re going 10, 20, 40, 60, 80. So it’s just this smooth gradual feel and you know the several players that spring to who do this very well like O’Neill’s and Tiger Woods is actually one of them.

Just try and feel like a nice smooth hinging of the wrist. We’re not forcing it. We’re just going 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 to get to that position at the top and then we can sort of maintaining the nice width throughout. So let’s try and do it.

Very simple golf swing so try that as far as wrist hinge and let me know how you get on it might just make things a little bit more simple for you.

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