Stewart Golf F1 Lithium Electric Push Cart – Fancy & Awesome!

Stewart Golf F1 Lithium Electric Push Cart – Fancy & Awesome!

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Golf Cart.

Stewart Golf F1 Lithium Remote Control Electric Push Cart.

The F1 Lithium is the result of a ground breaking project where our design team were asked simply to make the award winning X3R even better. The team were given carte blanche to achieve this task, and the results are simply stunning.

Technical Specifications: Stewart Golf F1 Lithium Remote Push Cart
The design team at Stewart Golf were given carte blanche to create the F1 Lithium, including all internal systems as well as folding mechanisms and aesthetics.
Lithium Ion Battery:
The new Li-Ion battery is a custom made, 36V pack that is just one-third of the size of the X3R battery, and over 80% lighter at just over 2kg. The battery pack is capable of in excess of 27 holes of golf, however we can only guarantee 18 holes (please see notes on battery consumption)
36 Volt Electronics System
The new system is more efficient, cooler running and better matched to Li-Ion technology than the more conventional 12V system. The F1 Lithium uses an enhanced version of the NASA-derived software that has won the X5 Remote it’s enviable reputation.
New Magnesium Alloy Wheels
The all new alloy wheel design features a simplified quick release mechanism and a thick tyre for quiet running on hard surfaces. Production models will also feature a tread for grip on the golf course.
New LCD Screen
The LCD screen on the rear cover shows an accurate battery monitor and other essential messages when necessary, including telling the user when to change their handset battery.
Weights & Measures
The new F1 Lithium weighs just 12kg, with the battery just an additional 2kg. Folded dimentions with the wheels attached are just 66cm (wide), 47cm (high) and 31.9cm (deep). The F1 Lithium stands up straight when folded, making the footprint just one third of the X5 Remote.
Many customers will be pleased to hear that when folded, the F1 chassis is small enough to fit in the front bin of even the smallest Porsche 911 (the 997 Carrera 4S). The F1 chassis and bag will both fit in to the Bentley GTC.

The F1 Lithium is not simply an updated version of the X3R. With the exception of a handful of minor components, every piece of the F1 Lithium is new.
When folded, the F1 Lithium occupies just one third of the floor space of the X3R and 40% less overall volume. In trademark Stewart Golf style; elegance and practicality have been combined with the minimum of fuss.
Despite the obvious associations one may draw to motorsport, the F1 name came about during the products development. At any one time, Stewart Golf has a number of concepts for future products on the drawing board. Due to its folding chassis, this concept was known as ‘the folding one’ which was quickly abbreviated to ‘F1’ which is where it stuck.

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