Stick 'em Up!

Stick 'em Up!


These four novelty toy guns were all bought back in the mid 1980s – more innocent days as far as guns were concerned maybe.

The first one was made by Vic’s Novelties in the US. The soft rubber hand gun has a lead and a separate battery compartment. Switch it on, and the end of the barrel wobbles around in a drunken kind of fashion. Push the switch the other way, and the barrel instead of revolving clockwise starts going round the other way!

The next three guns all come from Japan.

First is a game of Russian roulette – insert an inflated balloon into the hoop, spin the barrel, and pull the trigger. Five of the chambers are ’empty’ and you just hear a click. But if you are unlucky and it stops a the sixth chamber, when you pull the trigger, this causes a pin to pop out and to burst the balloon.

The balloon theme continues with the balloon launcher. Push a long thin (sausage) balloon onto the hand grip, where the 4 claws will hold it in position. Pull the trigger and the balloon shoots out.

Finally, a toy sten gun which you load with an aerosol of silly string or party string. All a bit like Bugsy Malone!