Tempo, Play Golf Pain Free | Online Golf Fitness Program | Chris Ownbey

Tempo, Play Golf Pain Free | Online Golf Fitness Program | Chris Ownbey

Play Golf Pain-Free | Online Golf Fitness Program | Chris Ownbey
Looking for tempo and create core strength at the same time. Try the split arm inverted cable rotation.
: If you want to increase your abilities in your golf game and want to experience the same positive effects of good health that players such as Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler do, then you need to look into Chris Ownbey’s Online Golf Fitness Program

I help golfers increase their flexibility, increase their core strength, play pain-free golf, and shoot lower scores by employing a very unique system..
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Want to play better golf? Want to feel better doing so? With my online golf fitness program you can lower your scores, increase your flexibility and enhance your strength. If you want to start getting results get a FREE online lesson today!

This Ultimate Golf fitness Performance Series has been written with numerous concise exercises that will help improve the golfer’s
flexibility, core strength, balance and power of muscles that directly Effect the accuracy, distance, and consistency for golfers.
Presented through step- by- step easy to follow video system.
The golf fitness video series is for the golfer who wants to:
1.Avoid injury
2.Improve fitness for golf
3.More consistency and add distance off the tee
It will help them understand the anatomy behind the swing and the give you the tools to train that anatomy effectively.

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