Ten Things to do to Your Brush Hog Before Using

Ten Things to do to Your Brush Hog Before Using

A little maintenance can go a long way toward insuring a long life for your equipment. I don’t know if you’re like I am, but I generally get in the mood to run the cutter and ten minutes later I’m in the field. As I’m driving the fence row for the first round I’m wondering “Is there oil in the gear box”? Or, “I wonder if the cutter is level?” Of course, these are things to think about way before you hit the field, but that’s the way I tend to roll. I have to admit, hosting this channel has helped me become better at preventative maintenance and more geared toward a little planning. So, as I was getting ready to go to the field, I thought it might help everyone out to have a short checklist of ten things to look at before engaging that PTO for the first time this season.

I’ve covered a lot of these in earlier videos, this is the first time I’ve really consolidated them all together. As mentioned in the video, there are more than just ten things you need to do to get your cutter ready for the field, always consult your owner’s manual and do what it says. Having said that, most guys (maybe it’s a problem with gals too, it’s not with my wife), REFUSE to read the owner’s manual and follow directions. I’m not sure why we’re geared that way, I’m the same way, I’ll watch a video about it, but reading the manual seems unmanly and puts me to sleep. If you’re like that, this video is for you, it’ll get you past the basics.

I really enjoy the brush hogging process. It’s one activity that you can do and, when you’re done, every time you look at it, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Hopefully, this list will not let a breakdown spoil the moment.

In the video, I said I’d provide a link to the other video I did on how to slip a slip clutch. It’s a couple of years old, but it shows the process that works on most slip clutches (not all though), and will head you in the right direction for keeping that device maintained.
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