Thais hunt for killer tiger after second deadly attack – AFP

Thais hunt for killer tiger after second deadly attack – AFP


Sorry, this video has expired Video: Thai tiger hunter searches for killing

A tiger’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase on a Thai beach on Thursday, following an attack on two men at dawn in southern Thailand.

The animal — which is believed to be about two years old — was found near the entrance to the beach near Hua Hin, about 55 kilometres north-west of Bangkok.

A female Thai man and his female companion reportedly got into trouble블랙 잭 after stranding the tiger inside their car at night.

A group of people, including a local who identified himself only as Agyeon, reportedly approached the driver and attacked him.

Thailand Wildlife Rescue Team officers, accompanied by search-and-rescue boats from around the country, have been deployed to search for the tigers, located in the jungle south-west of Hua Hin.

Local media say the tigers are also suspected to be in good condition.

Thailand Wildlife Rescue Team officer Somsa Srinavati told RTV News that the body of the dead tiger had been found after hours of searching, and th제천출장마사지at the police department was investigating.

He said that Thai government officials had been to the scene the day before to speak to his team about the death of the two men, and the two animals had gone missing.

He said that the animals are believed to be about two years old, and that his team SM 카지노had found “a human-sized tiger on the other side of the road”.

It is not the first time this year that poachers have killed two tigers in Thailand.

In August, a wild tiger was killed as it was hunting in Hua Hin, with its leg missing.


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