The Backpod – free up your tight torso for more swing power in golf, baseball, cricket and tennis.

The Backpod – free up your tight torso for more swing power in golf, baseball, cricket and tennis.

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Want to hit a golf ball (or any other ball) further? Free up your tight middle back and ribs on the Backpod. Freer thoracic rotation means more power to the ball.

We didn’t plan this! We’re physiotherapists – we developed the Backpod to free up tight, hunched thoracic spines and ribs. These are commonly really tight these days, especially from much bending over laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Backpod and its simple home program are specifically designed to free things up again.

What never occurred to us was that straightening someone up also means you free up their torso rotation – it’s the same glide at the spinal and rib cage joints.

Freeing up tight torso rotation lets you hit a golf ball further. This isn’t hype. It’s as obvious and unequivocal as releasing the handbrake on the car – it WILL go faster.

We found out when the wife of the local golf professional in Wanaka, New Zealand started driving a golf ball 60-100 yards (metres) further than she’d ever done in her life before – with no change in her fitness, strength or style. She’d used a Backpod to free up her slightly hunched, tight and sore upper back – but it also improved her game out of sight!

The story went around her local golfing community like wildfire – we only found out when we suddenly had literally scores of golfers wanting to buy Backpods..

The Backpod is a device and home program developed in New Zealand to free up a hunched, tightened spine and rib cage. Lying back on the Backpod uses your upper body weight to stretch free the tight joints, and the simple home program of strengthening, stretching, and massage covers the other bits needed to get you back towards perfect posture. See the iHunch page on the website – link is

The small, cushioned, peaked shape of the Backpod gives the leverage for a better specific stretch to tight rib and thoracic joints than anything else we’re aware of. The transparent blue core is polycarbonate – the same material used to make jet windshields; 1/4 inch (6mm) will stop a bullet. The green synthetic rubber outer layer cushions it on your spine. The Backpod has won several international design awards, including a prestigious invitation-only German Design Council award.

Its shape and construction also let it stretch tight rib cage joints – and full, free movement of these rib hinges is essential to let you breathe in fully, as well as make your very best drive with a golf club.

More spine and rib joint freedom in the swing means more power to the golf ball. The same simple principle will apply to other ball sports, especially baseball, cricket and tennis.

If you already have perfect thoracic rotation then you won’t see an improvement. But most people don’t, and they will. Just another unlooked-for benefit from the Backpod.

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Steve August (B.A.,Dip.Physio.).