THE BEST golf driving range practice! – Golf Test Dummy

THE BEST golf driving range practice! – Golf Test Dummy

Best Golf Practice EVER! – Golf Test Dummy

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You’re probably wasting time at the driving range. That’s what I used to tell myself. I would put loads of effort in to my game, waiting for the payoff. I came to the conclusion that all I was doing was training myself to hit the same shot multiple times in a row, when that never happens in a round of golf.

Think about it. We are setting ourselves up for failure. We build confidence at the range, then watch it crumble the next day on the golf course.

If you get your bucket of balls and hit the same shot with the same few clubs repeatedly, you are not only wasting time and money, you’re training your body and mind for scenarios that will never happen.

On top of that, you haven’t prepared your strategy to include dynamic adaptation and unforeseen results. Even Ben Hogan said he only hit 3 shots or so per round that went as expected. So, we need to roll with the results we are given and then be ready to hit the shot that the course demands.

I certainly am not the first to come up with this idea, but I also know for a fact that there are a ton of people that have never had this cross their mind. I see a line of hackers at the driving range everytime I go that hit driver after driver, thinking they are improving their game.

Like I say in the video, there are times when hitting the same shot or club over and over is needed. Learning a new shot, learning a new club, grooving a new swing. But if you’re a driving range hero and a golf course zero, maybe this is how you need to practice.

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