The easiest LATCHING RELAY CIRCUIT to understand ever! Both theory and practical explained.

The easiest LATCHING RELAY CIRCUIT to understand ever!  Both theory and practical explained.

I love relays! They are easy to understand, you can see them working and they are still in use today in many many systems to switch voltage into circuits to make things happen!

In this tutorial, I explain from VERY BASIC terminology of a simple light bulb circuit to how to create a “latching relay circuit” and it’s purpose in life!

I relate a lot of this to older generation LIFT/ELEVATOR systems which uses latching relays everywhere! A typical feature are the CALL buttons in the lift car and on the landings.
Also, this is my expertise and interest with the older generation lift motor rooms with cabinets full of em! Facinating to watch!! See other videos on my channel for more footage interesting stuff!

Later on, this tutorial is leading up to explaining the basic operation of a lift controller –
1) how the lift decides which way to travel
2) and how it decides when to stop and for which ‘type’ of calls (i.e. UP calls and DOWN calls)

…watch out for these videos soon (don’t ask me when because videos like this take AGES to edit!)

I hope this video makes sense, and sorry to all the more experienced electronics users explaining a “battery-switch-light bulb” circuit, but I always START AT THE BASICS so that everyone can understand it.

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